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Why do you need a Native Spanish Copywriting service?​

To get the attention of your audience on the internet and make them decide to buy your product, you need something more than a standard website.
You need to connect with your audience. And what do you get if you do it right? Exactly: the sale.
And what is the technique for writing texts that gets more sales called?
Tailored digital strategy.

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Hi, this is Ignacio García, a Spanish Native Copywriter from Spain to the world.

Having an online presence for Spanish market is a great adventure, right?

You thought that your product would sell itself, but your texts fail to convey the real value, and you are not able to differentiate yourself from the competition

If you know your worth, but you are not able to convey it in your words, I can help you with Spanish Copywriting Services

Services: what I am good at

I have been thinking about to offer my services as Spanish copywriter expertise to bring you my copywriting skills.

Being freelance, you don’t have to hire me, just to work by project.

Why I am offering such service? Because I have been reading about how big is already Spanish market around the world and also how important it is such market inside US.

My previous experience working in companies was in international companies, in the last one before I decide to start my own business was being in charge of after sales department for part of Europe and also the American (all the continent) market.

So I am easygoing and loving to know new cultures and to learn new languages.

I decide that my work has to be not just about productivity, it is also love to be some creativity part and more important is to bring real value to companies.

Why I decide to be copywriter?

Everything started trying to create an ecommerce, so I created an online shop in order to sell fitness staff around Spain. But once I finish my ecommerce I realized it was like any other else and then the word copywriting came to my life.

But people used to mention it like something magic, so I started to research what it was.

So my next move was to study from one of the best copywriters in Spanish language and then decide to start selling services instead of good online.

No stock, no problems.

Next step? In Spain teaks me so many energy about to sell copywriting value, so I think, what make me different and where? And I saw it speaking with a Colorado gay in Mexico, in Puerto Escondido.

He worked in a software company and open my eyes about how needed can be my service in US.

So here I am, sending you this email.

What do I really do?

Get more sales with fewer clicks
We help digital businesses like yours to improve their sales with personalized digital designs and strategies to connect with your audience and thus arouse the desire to buy.

If you know your worth, but you are not able to convey it in your words, we can help you with Copywriting.

And if the quality of the texts is not taken care of, the audience does not know how you can help them, much less will they understand the value of what you sell

Dar visibilidad a tus productos y servicios cuando la gente los busque

Posicionarte en los primeros resultados de Google y llevarte más clics

Generar ventas encontrando nuevos clientes para seguir sumando

Estrategias de remarketing para que tus potenciales clientes compren

Medir para poder ver qué hacen los usuarios en tu página web

Optimizar tu página web en todos los niveles para que vendas más

Nos contratan negocios como el tuyo porque...

No saben hacer campañas efectivas de Google Ads

No saben qué estrategias utilizar o por qué canal anunciarse

Saben, pero no tienen el tiempo necesario para gestionarlas

Han tenido (o están teniendo) malas experiencias con una agencia

Lo han intentado y han fracasado por falta de conocimientos

Lo intentan y fracasan por falta de conocimientos


*El precio exacto se sabrá tras conocer las necesidades exactas de cada caso.

Estudio inicial de tu negocio

1. Inmersión completa en tu negocio

Antes de gastar un solo euro de publicidad de tu negocio, necesitamos conocer al 100% tu cliente ideal, industria, competidores y tus métricas más relevantes. Durante esta fase, analizamos todos tus procesos de ventas para identificar qué se está haciendo actualmente. Esto nos permitirá aumentar la tasa de conversión y obtener la máxima cantidad de dinero posible.

2. Análisis de tus competidores

Una vez conocemos al 100% tu modelo de negocio, la segunda parte se basa en estudiar qué está haciendo la competencia. Aquí hablaremos de objetivos y sobre qué cantidad de dinero estás dispuesto a invertir, para saber dónde tenemos posibilidades de llegar con nuestra inversión.


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